Catching flies becomes more and more difficult

The density of D. montana populations in Washington state and also in northern parts of Oregon seems to be quite high, but in southern Oregon it has become already quite difficult to collect these flies. During the last days the weather has been quite cold and rainy, but yesterday sun was shining and we still got only three flies. Anyway, we now have a cline with six samples with at least 100 km distances (Vancouver taken into account) from the west coast of USA. And according to old literature at least the southern samples should be ‘giant montana’ adopted to live on low altitudes and latitudes!

We have also tried to collect D. melanogaster, but here we have had no success. In northern Oregon we visited n orchard with lots of pear trees (and great wine) and spread the baits under the trees – but no success. The owner of the orchard did not know about D. melanogaster, but he said that D. suzukii has become a real nuisace for them. In northern Oregon this species has only three generations, but in more southern orchards it has up to ten generations per year.


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