Finally Drosophila grimshawi

Hawaiian flies live in mountain rain forests and like smelly mushroom and banana baits, not beer like D. montana. Very often we are  quite wet, muddy and tired (but happy) after a collecting trip with a lot of walking and climbing. To catch the flies one first has to find their host trees and usually we get only a few flies per day, most of them being of the species we are not interested in.

One can also use overnight baits, but we have not succeeded to get many flies with them.

It was a great moment to catch the first D. grimshawi flies (a genome species!). There are about 100 picture-winged Drosophila species endemic to Hawaii, and most of them have species-specific configurations in their wings. D. grimshawi can also be distinguished from other species by the three spots on the sides of their thorax.

One day we kept a break in fly work and went to see the humpback whales. That was a great trip: we drove on  a rubber float out to the sea (of course without any life-wests) and watched courting and fighting whales for a couple of hours (altogether five whales).

After the days work it is nice to come back in our beach house, which we got for a walk-in price (half price) thanks to Tommi. Our landlady gave us a nick-name ‘Walkins’.


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